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Shenzhen Hyde Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Haidtech in brief)is a professional global supplier in industrial automation.Haidtech provides one-stop motor service by making linear motors, torque motors, servo motors, stepping motors, DC motors,AC motors,customized motors,robots, motion stages(such as: single axis, XY, XYθ, gantry stages etc.).We also provide a variety of electronic components(such as: SiC diode, thin-film capacitor, electric relay,IGBT,MOSFET,IC,pins,connectors,wires,etc.). Founded in Shenzhen, China in 2016, Haidtech dedicates in R&D, production, supply chain, quality, sales, and value-added services. Haidtech is a professional provider of core components and industrial automation system integrators .

Haidtech adheres to “power-reducing&environment-friendly, good enough to use &no wastes”.Haidtech does best to continuous innovation, to provide the best quality products and solutions for customers.In other word,the profits of customer is the basic criteria for work.

Customers are widely distributed in the automotive industry, automated production lines, electronic processing, testing, laser, medical, pharmaceutical, robotics, power industry as well as science and education, military industry, aerospace and other special fields.

Haidtech has a number of experienced R&D, sales, and value-added services elites in the field of industrial automation. Based on the domestic market, challenged the international market, brings together the world's advanced technology and resources, commits herself to the deep integration in the field of industial automation, and strives for all-round upgrading of China's industrial automation level!

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ADD:2nd Building C NO.34 Baoye Road ZhangKeng GuanLan ,ShenZhen,GuangDong,China

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